Welcome to yet another Saturday Night Kingmaker
Here we will travel into the Stolen Lands, to pacify and eventually settle this stretch of land yet untamed in the land of Golarion. Under the guidance of Dave (GM) the Party (Johnny, Kenura, Ovidius, Gala, and Christina) will be traveling into the lawless greenbelt to bring peace to a land infested by bandits. Where will their travels take them? Only they can decide.

So welcome, and enjoy….. Kingmaker.

Few things to go over:
Forums here will be used for personal character things. Use these Forums for Journals, letters home, and other personal character things.

The Adventure log will be done weekly. I will leave it to you guys to decide if you want to do a rotation, or if one person will be in charge of it. Do your best to include a dating system that we can track our exploits easier.

The Wiki will be a source of general information. I will do my best (With your help) to keep it up to date on known NPC’s, Players, Locations, and what not.

Finally the character section. You are not required to do a character sheet here… this is mostly another place for Backgrounds, descriptions, aswell as a neat feature that will allow you to share info about your characters plans, intentions, goals, or issues in SECRET!!!! Use as you see fit

Other than that have fun guys.
Happy gaming.


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