Rug Talaazi

A gnome wizard with an obsession with knowledge.


Appearance: She is only slightly taller than the average gnome and just about as light. She is relatively young for a gnome, though she is definitely fully-grown. Her deep purple hair is shoulder-length and worn loose without bangs. She often puts pretty things in her hair such as flowers she finds near the road. Her eyes are a haunting silver that almost appears to shimmer when she is focused. Her late husband claimed they also took on a steely coldness when she was angry; no one is able (or willing) to collaborate his claims. The features of her face are small and rather sharp. Her robes are a multicolored affair. It is obvious by its wear and tear that she travels a lot. These are clearly not the robes of a pampered scholar who spends her days in cloisters and libraries. Her wide belt has pouches, sacks, and tightening loops to facilitate carrying things, all of which can seem to be cluttering up a the band at her waist. She wears a copper circlet with an emerald set into it, an anniversary gift from her late husband. Her hooked staff is gnarled and weathered from years of exposure. Her shoes (though rarely seen) are stiff, rugged calf-high boots, well suited to traveling.

Personality: Quiet and bookish, she is in her element when she reading, studying, writing or otherwise plying her craft, though she is a perfectionist. She can become quite excitable when discussing her craft and is arguably droll. As her job requires her to delve into potentially dangerous ruins or dungeons, she is fearless in defense of her research and her party members. When not performing her duties, she can come across as aloof, asocial or solitary. She is not against friends but she is simply unsure in social situations. If one would put in a little effort, she would warm up to him/her and eventually prove herself a loyal friend. Friends are all about quality over quantity, after all.


Background: Rug Talaazi makes her living as an archivist: an information professional who assesses, collects, organizes, preserves, maintains control over, and provides access to records and archives determined to have long-term value. She takes her job very seriously to the point of an obsession. She values her work and collection over her own well-being, though she’d be less willing to sacrifice another’s well-being.

See more in her Journal (once its written, of course!)

Rug Talaazi

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