Vorrin Black

Human male that dreams of a world on fire


Vorrin stands a little under six feet in height (5’10") and has a slim athletic build (175lbs). He is clean shaven and has barely any hair, appearing bald for the most part. His dark brown eyes are deep set and seem to stare piercingly when he’s focused on a task at hand. He would be considered attractive except for a prominent triangle shaped blemish or discoloration on his right cheekbone, just below the eye. It is hard to tell if it is a birthmark or a scar or even a brand of some sort because the normal, pinkish skin around it is an angry, puckered dark crimson. His equipment and clothing seem well cared for if a bit dirty. His armor, shield, and weapons especially seem to have been salvaged from a fire, blackened from exposure to flames but appearing suitable for use. He appears to be in his late 20s or early 30s in age.


I have heard it said that when a woman gives birth both she and the child share the agony of bringing a new life into the world. That their screams are an announcement of their arrival… A call to their bonding and symbiotic life from that point forward. I ponder such things prior to drifting off into the burning slumber for I have been born again recently. And though my rebirth was painful, as any delivery of a new life, it was so much more because the flame that bore me purified me… Scorched and burned away until I was a charred and blackened nothing before resurrecting me into who and what I am this day.

I am Vorrin Black. It is not the name given from childhood but the flame that saw me live again cares not for appellations nor titles nor words at all. It cares not for justice nor cruelty nor benevolence nor any other meaningless labels we arrange in categories to suit our needs. No, the parental fire that brought me into this world once more cares only to consume and grow… And as a devoted protege, I shall see it sated if for no other reason than to better understand as much as I can about it and about myself.

My life before seems distant and surreal but there are pieces that remain despite the gift of fire within me that has changed who and what I was. Perhaps I shall write about it before the memories are seared from my mind and I am consumed by my inscrutable yet radiant progenitor.

Since that day of birth, I have remained near the burnt wreckage of my former home contemplating and meditating upon what had occurred but I have gleaned all I can. It is time to move on and realize the deeper meanings of this opportunity… Ah, the paranoia of the criminal remains still, for I fear to refer to it as a gift just yet. One of the vestiges of my previous existence that has yet to be incinerated. The only way to accomplish my desire for a greater understanding is to step out and travel… To experience more of this new life than I would remaining in the place of my evolution.

There is word of a charter to enter the lawless Stolen Lands for exploration and eventual settling sponsored by the swordlords. This is something I shall do… I need to do… If I am to find more meaning to this existence and ignite the fiery power I can feel within me but just out of reach. If nothing else, my hope is this endeavor provides plenty of tinder for the flames within that are hungry for release.

Vorrin Black

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